Program Sarjana Keperawatan UPH [Universitas Pelita Harapan]

In 2009/ 2010 academic year, the school of nursing will offer a Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Program which covers the 7-8 semester academic component of courses to obtain the Academic Degree : Sarjana/ Bachelor of Nursing and two semesters of the Professional Nursing Program (Ners, Professional Degree). While pursuing their ‘hands on’ experience in various clinical and community nursing settings, learning clinical skills, the students will be under close supervision of expert Clinical Educators in the respective settings and under systematic arrangement of the UPH-SON’s Clinical Nursing Coordinator/ Specialist. Hence, high-school graduate entry students, with no exception, will complete the Academic and Professional Degree as ONE FULL package complying with the National Nursing Higher Education regulation and with the National Nursing Association (AIPNI and PPNI) regulation/requirement.
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Academic and Professional, Sarjana and Ners)
This curriculum is developed as a blending of international standards through collaboration with the University of Melbourne nursing curriculum and in line with the regulation of Indonesian National Nursing Higher Education standards. It has a strong clinical component with students undertaking clinical placements each semester. Most placements will be within the Siloam Hospital Group, but community and other specialty practicum will be undertaken elsewhere. Upon completion of their study both in academic and professional skills, graduates will obtain a high level of competence as clinical practitioners and a solid foundation to further their development into any specialty area.
Degree Completion Opportunity for Academic and Professional Degree
High school graduate entry students should enter from the very beginning in the first semester of the program, however there is possibility for those who have already undergone other nursing programs or study in other disciplines to earn credits toward the Academic and Professional Degree program (i.e. relevant transfer credits may be recognized). The length of the study for this type of candidate depends on how many credits they earned in their previous educational institution. It is the intent of this program to build on the prior learning so graduates can assume leadership or advanced clinical roles upon completion of their study.
Prime and International Program:
Nursing (Entry to Practice):
Seven Semesters (UPH): Sarjana Keperawatan (UPH)
Nursing (Conversion Program):
Four Semesters (from DIII to S1): Sarjana Keperawatan (UPH)
  • Hold master’s and doctoral degrees from distinguished local and international universities
  • Skilled professional nurses
Clinical Nursing Skills Simulation Lab., Library dedicated to health sciences, Language Lab., Computer Lab., Audio-visual Amenities, Student Dormitory
Australia: University of Melbourne

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